Topic: Running rails 3.0.5 on a server with rails 2.3.5

In the past, I was always able to freeze rails in an app and run them on a server running an older version of rails. I'm trying to do that again with a rails 3.0.5 app on a server running 2.3.5. I've run bundle install --deployment to install gems in vendor and that worked fine but when I try to run migrations I get "You have already activated rake 0.8.3, but your Gemfile requires rake 0.8.7. Consider using bundle exec." Running "bundle exec rake db:migrate"   results in "no such file to load -- bcrypt" error. Basically it's trying to run the older version of rake on the server rather than the one in /vendor/bundle . Does anyone know how to force rails to use the rake gem in vendor/bundle/....? Or should I stop fighting it and roll my app back to rails 2?

Re: Running rails 3.0.5 on a server with rails 2.3.5

This is where rvm comes in to play
See the rvm best practices guide here

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Re: Running rails 3.0.5 on a server with rails 2.3.5

Following up --- 
My problem was that I was working on a windows machine and the server was linux. When I ran bundle pack locally, it packed up the windows version of the bcrypt and mysql gems. so bundle install --deployment  just didn't install them. Once I got this worked out, I could run rake tasks like bundle exec rake db:migrate... etc.  I guess thats why your suppose to develop in the same environment you plan to launch in..

Thanks for the help

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