Topic: Setup PATH variable for Aptana Studio debug (Debian)

At Aptana's website, they mention...

You should also make sure that your login PATH is set up correctly such that you can execute the ruby, gem, rails, and git commands correctly. Setting these things up in your .bashrc (or equivalent) isn't sufficient, because it doesn't get evaluated by default when GUI applications like Aptana Studio 3 get launched.

That's good advice, but I don't have any idea on how to setup my PATH variable on Debian.  Can someone help me out with this, please?

Re: Setup PATH variable for Aptana Studio debug (Debian)

I think you would only need to adjust your PATH if you compiled those programs from scratch and dropped the executables in a non-debian-standard path. If your using multiple versions of ruby I suggest RVM to manage them.  You can test the path using the which command.  Like 'which ruby' will output the PATH to the ruby executable being used.  The note that you posted is saying you will need to set the system path and not rely on ~/.bashrc.  The system path variables are set in /etc/profile.  Hope this helps.