Topic: Manage multiple small tables

I'm developing an app that will include multiple pull down select fields.  Most of these have a dozen +/- values.  I need to allow users to update these values.  Am I best off in building individual tables for each select field or can I manage all of these values collectively in a single table with perhaps select group ID of some type?  Any advice would be great.  If possible please include short code samples as I'm new to RoR.

Re: Manage multiple small tables

you will definitely need a table but how you structure that is really dependent on your business logic
Possibly an STI solution for a lookup table so you can define specific types of lookup but keep comon logic in the master table?

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Re: Manage multiple small tables

For a similar need I just defined a bunch of small tables.  That is the easiest and most straightforward way of doing it.  With a bunch of small tables the code is dead simple and you can get most of it just using scaffold (at least for a first cut).  I do not see any reason to complicate it with something like sti unless there is a lot of shared behavior.