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Hi Everyone smile

I've already searched different Web Hosters supporting Ruby On Rails, and each time I asked if they were supporting Rails 3.1... Each time they answered that they don't.

So, as you are a great community (already found some helps here without having asking anything ^^), I'm sure you know some Web hosters that do support Rails 3.0 and higher.

What  I need is a Web Hoster for my professionnal Websites (as I created my own firm) which may quickly have a high traffic (if they do work). I'm opened to any suggestions, the monthly cost is not a problem but it's better if it's less than 30$ a month.

And, if you know a web hoster that also provides WebMails services it would even be greater smile.

Can anyone help me please ? smile

Thanks a lot !


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Viva Heroku !

Re: Deploying Rails 3.1

Well, of course I know Heroku smile but I'd like something else cause I have some difficulties to understand how Heroku works exactly...

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You can get VPS servers with 1TB of traffic for $7.50 a month.

Why not deploy that way?

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Where can I get that, on Heroku ?

I thought Heroku was very expensive... (saw $15.0 a month for a 20GB Database...)

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My my my. Ok, there is a bit involved here. On any unmanaged VPS where you can install software, you can run any rails app of any version, provided you have the resources required.

Heroku for the free plan is good, and easy as you are basically just doing a git push, and you're deployed, ready to go. Of course this comes with limitations, a read only file system, as well as a shared database, but TBH if you are just starting out I'd say any app/site will not be under heavy load so I doubt that it will be an issue.

With the VPS route you need to know a lot more. You need to know how to setup a server, what software you need to do different things, at the minimum you'll need:

- A ruby version
- A web server
- A database server
- gems required
- A deployment setup, probably capistrano

There are lot's of deployment articles out on the internet, I'm going to suggest this one, I however don't use RVM on the server, but that's personal taste.

Good luck.

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Ok, thanks smile thinks that I'll take a VPS server when I'll be a little bit more comfortable deploying Rails applications.

Otherwise I found those Web Hosters :


Each one supports Ruby On Rails 3.0, and some (site5, AlwaysData & Dreamhost) have tutorials for deploying Rails applications on their servers.

I put them here so that it may help other people smile.

Well of course if non of them works as I want, I'll go on Heroku smile

Thanks again for all your help,

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Ok, so I'm back after few weeks, and I'm glad to tell that my WebSite works fine on Dreamhost.

They have plenty of tutorials, and one especially for Ruby On Rails deployment. Everything works fine there, you can deploy Rails 3 application as if you were deploying it on your computer (I mean : just do bundle install then rake db:migrate). Well of course you have to deal with MySQL, but that works fine too.

I just wanted to share this with you smile Dreamhost + Rails 3 works fine now ^^. If anyone needs my help for deployment on Dreamhost, just let me know.


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Kulgar, does Dreamhost support any version of Rails 3, for example 3.1.0rc5?

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Hi smile

Yes it does, Dreamhost uses passenger to support Rails applications and updates it as soon as possible (when an updates is available of course). So far I did not have any kind of problem with them, my websites work fine and you can deploy rails applications as if you were on your own system thanks to SSH (bundle / rake / gem commands work fine).

You have a tutorial there for deploying rails applications on Dreamhost. This tutorial (and many others on their wiki) is one of the reasons for which I choose dreamhost.