Topic: Best gems for authentication + Facebook graph

Hi, I'm new to RoR and I'm planning to to make a new website with it. I would appreciate if someone could give me some advice on Gems that I can use for authentication. I know there are plenty of resources around there, but in my case I want to use the FB Graph as well. I'm not sure which combination of Gems works best _together_.

My requirements for the website:
1. A user should be able to register on my website. He can login with his Facebook account: the data from the Facebook profile is used to register the user on my website. The user must only provide a password to complete the registration.
2. After the user is logged in, my website will fetch data from the user's Facebook profile, such as his profile picture and personal information. This information is presented on my website.
3. My website will also show information fetched from Facebook when a user is _not_ logged in on my website/Facebook anymore (not sure if this is relevant).

I did some research, and it looks like Device is a good Gem for Authentication. … -solutions

For using the FB Graph it looks like Koala is a good choice: … acebooker2

My questions is basically: what is a good strategy for using those Gems together? Or do you recomment other Gems?

As Devise Gem also supports Facebook login, do I use Devise for this, or do I use Koala (or another Gem) for this?

Re: Best gems for authentication + Facebook graph

I'm in the same boat... If it were me, I'd use Devise for authentication because it comes highly recommended and also due to the fact that not everyone has a FB account (at least not yet), and those that do, don't always want to allow 3rd party apps access their info. But I still think it's good to have options (for users), so I don't think it would be bad to use both gems for authentication, as long as they play nice together. As far as the FB API gems, I though fb_graph looked cool because there's lots of documentation and a sample app on GitHub where you can check out the code.
I would just use Devise-- I forgot it has Facebook and Twitter auth built in.

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