Topic: Gem VMC and VCAP

Hi All,

I have install VMC gem on my local. Now using command line i can see details of my apps.

I want to make a portal which should return my apps detail on browser. This will of-cause will include authentication to with my log in and password.

I just open the VMC document which comes when i install VMC gem on my local. It has code for authentication to cloudfoundry and getting users details (like instances, apps, info, framework and service etc).

Now question is how will inherit VMC gem code to my rails portal so that i can use its method or properties.

Second query is,

I have VCAP source code (Its rewritten in Ruby on rails), this code also has all required code to get my apps details.

How do i use this project and expose all its methods or properties to my portal.

Please tell me solution.

Thanks a lot in advance