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Hi everyone.

I followed the Hivelogic instructions to install on OS X 10.4, and it works just fine. The problem I'm having is that I have to run the .bash_login file with every new Terminal window I open. If I don't it thinks I don't have rails installed, or gems either. Is this normal, or did I do something wrong?


Re: ~/.bash_login question

You shouldn't have to run it every time. Is there a file called ".bash_profile" in your home directory? If so, this is probably overriding it. Try moving the contents of ".bash_login" into ".bash_profile".

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Re: ~/.bash_login question

From the man page, bash_profile has pretty much the same behavior as bash_login.  I usually stick to ~/.bashrc - Brewery and Brewpub management powered by RoR

Re: ~/.bash_login question

Thanks for the replies.

I don't see a .bash_login file, but I do have just a .profile...

I am just starting to get comfortable with the command line, and I'm not sure what ~/.bashrc is or does. I will have to do a bit more research on it.

Thanks for the help

Re: ~/.bash_login question

Adding the PATH info to .bashrc did the trick. Thanks bkrahmer