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Hey all,

I'm fairly green to RoR but I'm trying to get along. In short, I need help choosing a host that's suitable to what I aim to do. My business partners and I are interested in setting up an ecommerce site and Rails is my choosing. I've ran my own site on GoDaddy (shudder) for years but after reading through many articles on configuring Rails 3.0.x with GoDaddy and even further, simply getting MySQL5 (and the MySQL2 Gem) to work with Rails 3.0.x, I have to throw my hands in the air. It seems impossible to get a working Rails app on a GoDaddy server and from what I've read, I don't want to go the shared route, anyway. So, this brings me to my current predicament. I prefer Ruby 1.8.7 on Rails 3, I'm more comfortable with Postgres but it seems to have ailing support and the gems are all seemingly broken or abandoned. GoDaddy is a nightmare and they've been little help with getting my development environment properly configured and they had no idea what to do about all the exceptions MySQL was causing.

Where do I go from here? I need a server and host that makes it ridiculously easy to configure for Rails deployment; from what I've been reading, I want a VPN, correct? Rackspace, Linode, and others appear to be popular but what about Heroku? I've heard their servers are read-only. Isn't that a major shortcoming? What are the discernible differences that would make one better for my ecommerce site over the other?

I checked into setting up a business line through my local ISP but they're offering absolute junk for >$100/mo: 50GB Bandwidth, 5GB Disk space, 25 databases (Apache), 5 Subdomains, 20 aliases, and other junk that you can get for $7/mo from economy hosts.

I'm not opposed to running my own *nix in my house, but I believe the local ISP blocks the common hosting ports on consumer accounts.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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