Topic: Translate (not: convert) Git to SVN

I am relatively new to Web Development in general and to RoR in particular. But nonetheless I may have the chance to collaborate in a RoR-based project.

As by now I'm learning RoR with the brillant learning-by-doing tutorial of Michael Hartl ( … orial-book) , but I already do know that the project in question will be using SVN rather than git.

I am not very familiar with either. Since the concept of said tutorial seems to be to teach only that subset of commands that is really needed (which comes in handy regarding the little time I've left), I wondered whether someone might know a tutorial that shows how typical tasks would be performed on both versioning systems in a Rails environment, kinda comparing or translating the respective sets of commands to each other, so that I could become familiar with SVN while reading about git.

Until now I'm using SVN via TortoiseSVN, which of course is more convenient, but I would switch to SVN on the command line (though reluctantly :-) ).

Am I just seeing problems where there aren't any? Or do you think that might be useful? And in case of the latter, do you accidentally know a source on the web that meets said criteria? I've already found this: … heatsheet/ , but perhaps you know something more close to my goals?

Thanks in advance

Re: Translate (not: convert) Git to SVN

When I googled for 'git' (rather than 'git svn'), I found this:

Next question then: How do I close this 'discussion'? ;-)