Topic: Protecting business idea

Hi all,

Since I am still such a noob at this, I was hoping you guys could help me get an idea whether this is a feasible plan for my upcoming project.

I am an entrepreneur and since I still lack the ROR programming experience, I need to hire a contractor.  However, what's at risk is my business idea itself since table names and category names would need to be provided to the employee.  To combat this risk, I was hoping to use 'code words' or generic table & category names for which I would go back to change in both my programming and my database afterwards. 

So my question really is, how difficult and time-consuming would it be for me to go back and change all the references in the programming?  Is there some software or utility that would allow me to just find and replace automatically?  What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Protecting business idea

It would be easier to devise a non-disclosure agreement and get the contractor to sign it.   It's the general idea you want to protect,  not the specifics of the implementation.   Regardless of your attempts to obscure, the contractor would eventually understand your general concept,  and he could steal it.  If you have a well crafted non-disclosure,  you could at least sue him it he did steal it.

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