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Hello all!
This is my first post on this forum. I am new to Ruby on Rails and to web development at all. I am looking for advice how to realize idea that is on my mind. I am now in the middle of Ruby on Rails 3 tutorial by Michael Hartl.

I need to create an application that is going to be reserving tickets in the cinema. I just do not have an idea how should I start to design it. Can anyone give me any advice(maybe somekind of tutorial?) how should I proceed with designing such a system? I am thinking about at least 3 actors in such system (user-person who is going to reserve tickets, seller - person who will be selling reserved tickets to users who reserved them, manager - person who will be adding new movies and have view at everything that is going on)

How should I visualize my concept and then how could I code it? At this moment most of You probably will laugh at me but this is really important for me.

Re: Design of ticketing system

You should focus on the database schema first and foremost.  Spend some time to get this as close to right as you can get it and that will guide you along the way.

You should probably check out Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial, the Rails 3 Way book, and the Rails cookbook.  Those might give you some ideas if you're looking for pointers on how to cobble together your basic db schema

Re: Design of ticketing system

Okay so I have changed one thing. It will not be a cinema but bus company. This is my sketch of database as I can think of. I'm pretty sure that there are errors in it. Now I will try to describe my goal, and please give me a comment how could I change my database.

This is the database:

So Ticket will be a reservation of a seat in a bus. All schedule(Time table) will be planned by creating tickets who have no users. Users will reserve them, so if ticket will have a user it means that somebody have reserved it and if not then place in bus will be empty.

Drivers will get list of users that are going with them during course, so they can check it before starting the journey. Admin will be creating all tickets.

As I previously written now I am doing Rails Tutorial  by Michael Hartl, I'm in section 10. The programming looks easy but I am confused by stuff created to test app. Looks like testing is 70% of code and sometimes I cannot imagine how should I build those tests for view, controller and model - it confuses me.