Topic: How to make a deployment on Cloud server?

Hi, i would like to know how to deploy my application on a cloud server.

But i never do that. where i need to start? i uploaded the app via FTP. but how to migrate the database?

thanks for your help.

Re: How to make a deployment on Cloud server?

Your cloud provider SHOULD support ruby on rails.  Their website should explain that part.  They also will likely support a database of some kind.  You have to set up that database, then edit your config/database.yml file to reflect the database you'll use for your production environment on the cloud server.

I deploy on Joyent.  They supply MySQL as the database.  So I setup a MySQL database on my cloud account,then edit confic/database.yml and tell it the database,userid and password I setup.

Then you push your app,  with the updated confit/database.yml file,  and boot your app as per the cloud vendors instructions .

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Re: How to make a deployment on Cloud server?

ok, so the server must give the deployment instructions?

I would like to know too, like Site5, they said they use rails 3 on home directory and support only server-side 2.3.3, what is the difference between rails 3 in home directory and server-side ?


Re: How to make a deployment on Cloud server?

Security in cloud computing vs other hosting options is exactly the same.... Regarding deployment, there is a lot to learn. If you're starting from scratch and really want to understand what you're doing, you're going to spend a few days to a couple of weeks learning full time. If you're looking at an old school shared hosting provider rather than a VPS you're on the wrong track, in my opinion. I'd suggest starting with Heroku.

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Re: How to make a deployment on Cloud server?

Heroku will be easy for you but if you're interested in learning such stuffs (or want to have more control over underlying stuffs) - then better try AWS - learning curve is steep - in the beginning but as you move on - things become much easier.

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