Topic: Deploying with Jenkins

Hi all,

Im trying to figure out how to get this setup up and running. At my company we are running a Jenkins(Windows) CI setup to deploy our .NET and Java projects. As this integrates with our issue tracking system it has become an important feature for us.

We recently decided to start doing some projects in Rails and would like for this to be integrated with our Jenkins setup. For now we set up an Ubuntu server with Apache2, Passenger, RVM etc, which is going to serve as a slave server for Jenkins. As im a fan of Capistrano my first idea was to simply have Jenkins run the capistrano script on the server, but im not sure if Jenkins can read the error output from Capistrano if the tests or something else goes bad.

Does any of you have any ideas on how to approach this? CAN we even use Jenkins for this?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!