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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a little bit of advice, i want to learn to programme Ruby On Rails i have no prior knowledge of any code what so ever and preferably would like to read from a book rather than a website a book with some do as you learn examples would be great.

What is the best starting point for someone in my position?


Re: Ruby For Beginner's

For Ruby language:

For Rails: … with-rails

Re: Ruby For Beginner's

+1 for the suggestions above from Javix. AWDWR is definitely a good starting point
Both books quickly become most Rails developers bibles.

Once you start delving into the code other essential resources are the api docs
and railscasts
If you are new to web development some basic HTML and CSS is also essential and a good source for this is the W3C site. It's absolutely humungous and difficult to find your way around with 10's of thousands of pages. This is a usefull starting point

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