Topic: >rails s takes 5-7 min to load the Webrick - Help!

Moving this topic to this Topic Area - looks to be more appropriate for performance related issues than the Config/Install area.

So I am running Rails 3.1.0 on a brand new Windows 7 64bit Lenovo - and I cannot figure out what the deal is - Rails ran so much faster on my Win XP machine - crappy one at that....  Is there something I can do to speed the rails functions.  rake is slow, my heroku and github pushes are slow - I tried loading a couple of add-ons to fix (active-reload, rails-dev-boost - no improvement.

Win 7 64bit
Ruby 1.9.2p290
Rails 3.1.0
Rake 0.9.2

Not sure what else to provide...any suggestions would be welcome.



Re: >rails s takes 5-7 min to load the Webrick - Help!

well Ruby was developed mainly on *nix machines so its not going to be as fast on a Windows OS. im not sure of any other reasons it could be running slow, how much RAM do you have? and is anything else slow?