Topic: What is extension of ruby Exception class object in c?

static VALUE myMethod(VALUE self, VALUE exc)
          int a = TYPE(exc);
          printf(" %d ", a );
          // Some process on exc
void Init_myRuby()
    VALUE mRuby = rb_define_module("myRuby");
     VALUE mException = rb_define_class_under(mRuby, "Exception", rb_eRuntimeError);
     rb_define_singleton_method(mRuby, "myMethod", myMethod, 4);

Following is the code of ruby client script,

require 'myRuby'
def raiseExc()
    exception ="status","lasterror","function()","Calling some")
    myRuby::myMethod(exception, "Exception message: %s, Exception object %d", "Hi from Exception", 100)


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