Topic: Programmer to Designer Advice

I have done a simple sketch for UI of my application idea. I'm about to begin doing the HTML and CSS skeleton for the application on Dreamweaver. When that is complete I plan on handing it over to a rails programmer.

Is their anything I need to do to tailor my HTML/CSS skeleton to help the ruby programmer do his thing?

Is Dreamweaver a good tool to use for my role in this project?


Re: Programmer to Designer Advice

The only help you could provide,  and it will be minimally helpful,  is to mimic the Rails directories,

public/stylesheets   <--- put css here
public/images <-- put image files here,  if you refer to them in css,  use ../images/image.gif or whatever
public/javascripts <--  and javascript here,  refer to images if needed like above

But honestly,  anything you do to make the rails programing easier will just add keystrokes to your work.  The only thing that will really help is to keep references to your images in the '../images/'  form.

Dreamweaver is fine for what you're doing.  I'm the opposite of you,  I'm the rails programmer who gets the raw HTML/CSS design.   Honestly,  if you do NOTHING to accommodate the rails programmer,  you may add a few minutes of extra work for him,  but it's not a big deal.

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