Topic: app is still vendoring gems [SOLVED]

okay a bit of background,

I have recently been upgrading a rails 2.3.11 application to rails 3.0 all has gone well aside from one or two glitches with plugins etc.

the problem I am having is that obviously now I am using bundler to manage gem dependencies but for some reason when ever I run bundle install it is vendoring the gems in vendor/cache and as this isn't really necessary for rails 3 apps at least in development I am trying to clean up the git repo, however I cannot find what is causing

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Re: app is still vendoring gems [SOLVED]

I've finally figured out what the problem was (well sort of)

basically the app was lacking the .bundle dir and as a result was unpacking the gems into vendor/cache automatically

manually adding the .bundle dir  to the project solved this problem.