Topic: How to get exact type of object in Ruby extended C++?

Hi. I'm working on a Ruby C++ extension, I have the following function, in which
"self" object is either of structure type or of Exception type.

VALUE myFunction(VALUE self, VALUE args)
       // Some functon call and process on args argument

Now in the above function I need to know the exact type of object "self" (i.e. rb_eException or rb_cStruct), I tried using the following API,

if(Qtrue == rb_obj_is_kind_of(self, rb_eException))
   std::cout<<"self is of rb_eException type "<<std::endl;

like above for rb_cStruct, rb_cClass etc but I'm getting only Qtrue for "rb_cClass" type. How can I get the exact type of "self" object (i.e rb_cStruct or rb_eException)? Thanks in advance.

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