Topic: Need your help about get information profile from login google account

HI everyone , I try to get some information through google login account
I using devise , oa-openid , omniauth
When test login ,  I only have gmail, firstname and lastname

Generated checkid_setup request to with assocication AMlYA9VZb-EfN_eIZw-4VZnnFq0ouLm4SWzJBtAdx-_aI3R3aNHacOzl
Error attempting to use stored discovery information: OpenID::TypeURIMismatch
Attempting discovery to verify endpoint
Performing discovery on … 86vWG5t4fk
WARNING: making https request to … 86vWG5t4fk without verifying server certificate; no CA path was specified.
{"email"=>"", "first_name"=>"B\xC3\xA1 Di\xE1\xBB\x87u", "last_name"=>"Tr\xC6\xB0\xC6\xA1ng", "name"=>"B\xC3\xA1 Di\xE1\xBB\x87u Tr\xC6\xB0\xC6\xA1ng"}

How can I get more profile user ? ( about employment, education,... )
thanks too much big_smile