Topic: Getting error using uploadify on rails

Dear all,

I would like to share my current bug which really bothers me alot...

Recently, i have found this uploadify code on rails along with amazon c3 (

Actually, I have setup everything according to this github project tutorial ...

But Only having this follow below error when i load the page ... 

TypeError in User_files#new

Showing /home/mypro/mypro/app/views/user_files/new.html.erb where line #18 raised:

can't convert nil into String

Extracted source (around line #18):

15:                 }",
16:                 :on_error => "function(type, text) { alert(type + '' + text);
17:                 }"
18:                 }) %>
19: <div id="video-upload">
20:    <input type="file" name="uploadify" id="file_uploader" />
21: </div>

Rails.root: /home/mypro/mypro
Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace

vendor/plugins/uploadify-s3/lib/uploadify_s3_helper.rb:85:in `digest'
vendor/plugins/uploadify-s3/lib/uploadify_s3_helper.rb:85:in `s3_signature'
vendor/plugins/uploadify-s3/lib/uploadify_s3_helper.rb:44:in `javascript_uploadify_s3_tag'
vendor/plugins/uploadify-s3/lib/uploadify_s3_helper.rb:56:in `uploadify_s3'
app/views/user_files/new.html.erb:18:in `_app_views_user_files_new_html_erb__558671416__650479268_0'

I have even set-up all configs that are needed for running this stuff

Please help me out...

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration on my query

Best Regards,

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