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Hi guys
I'm new over here (to RoR as well wink ), so I hope, this post hits the right section.
I'm creating a RoR application, which consists of models Person and Relationship. Relationship is connection between 2 People. So to the matter.. I would like to make a interactive visualisation of all Relationships, so user could edit, add or delete. It should be in the form of a diagram. I would be so grateful for advices, what tools should I use, to achieve this goal. Adding some tutorials would be much appreciated.

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First thing I'd look at is a plugin that adds parent/child/heriarchy relationships,  like this one:

next I'd get JQuery-UI,  and learn their drag and drop stuff, i.e.

That would allow you to drag and drop elements to move them around, (i.e.  X is the son of Y, not son of Z)

Then I'd get RMagic

So you can do stuff like put graphics in the elements in the visualization, and make the chart elements fancier, draw lines between relationships, etc.

That's pretty much how I went when doing something similar,  not people relationsips in my case,  but relationships with heirarchy.

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Thank you for quick response.

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Thanks for posting this. i really had good time reading this.
Thanks for the heads up on this subject... smile

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