Topic: email databse app

hi all,

i was searching on github but couldn't find anything. what i'm looking to do is find the code for an application that will let me put up a textbox on my website. people passing by the site can enter their email addresses, which will be stored in a database, so that i can get them later for a mass email. does anyone know where this might be (possibly on github)?


Re: email databse app

I'd look at Railscasts,  you won't find one specific to your exact request,  as it is very generic,  and can be done many different ways.  If you look for rails casts that involve forms,  I think you'll see enough examples that you can figure it out.  It's pretty straightforward and fundamental Rails stuff.

You can also find a website that has functionality similar to what you are thinking of,  and look at the page sources,  that could also start pointing you in the right direction.

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