Topic: Fields/Columns for Dev w/SQLite3 w/Prod on MySQL

First off, I speak MSSQL, I've not a moment in MySQL, about an hour w/SQLite3 creating databases, tables & querying.

First RoR test project after railsinstaller blog demo from engineyard, props to them!

I originally set my fields to string for anything that was going to be limited, and to text for anything like a Notes field in a history dialog, and datetime for dates.

Now after a brief look at the SQLite3 datatypes, 1 to 5, I hemmed, then thinking that if my migrations are written

rails g scaffold OrderHistory Createby:varchar(20) CreateOn:datetime OrderReference:varchar(80) OrderNote:text OrderActivity:varchar(20) OrderResult:varchar(20) Appriasal_Orders:references

...when &/if I move to a MySQL database my field types/lengths will be set, but alas, when I ran rake, it failed.

Q: Does my OrderHistory block contain an incorrect syntax or should I go back to string/text (yes I know they're stored the same in SQLite)?

Q: Or, perhaps write two migration scripts, another for MySQL and return my dev migration w/SQLite as...

rails g scaffold OrderHistory Createby:string CreateOn:datetime OrderReference:string OrderNote:text OrderActivity:string OrderResult:string Appriasal_Orders:references