Topic: I'm still uninformed and don't understand deployment

I'm coming from a Microsoft .NET background and basically, I've just had it with running separate servers (one Apache, one Windows Server) and the cost of upgrading Visual Studio and Microsoft in general.  The latest conundrum was they added the Razor view engine and Entity Framework 4 but did not offer an upgrade for my Visual Studio 2008 to be able to use them, so if I wanted to stay current I would have to buy VS 2010 for right around $600.  Forget it.  I'm jumping ship. smile

My reason for choosing Ruby on Rails over PHP or anything else is because I've been using ASP.NET MVC exclusively for a couple of years and I'm familiar with the idea of MVC and I like it.

A few basic questions:

I've not got to deployment yet so I don't understand it at all.  I'm used to uploading files and checking with the browser.  So, when deploying is the database creation or update included in the deployment, I mean does something like Capistrano make or change the database or is that a separate process?  (It may be relevant to point out that I don't even know what Capistrano is yet.)

How does the server know to no longer look for a file but instead look for controller/action from the URL? 

After deployment is complete can I simply upload a changed view file or do I have to go through deployment again?

Thanks for helping out the new guy. smile

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Re: I'm still uninformed and don't understand deployment

I am fairly new to rails also but deploying my apps used to be hard but once I followed some tutorials I were. ok. Also make sure the host you're with supports rails or the version you are using. I know many people are using heroku for hosting their web app and they have plenty tutorials on deploying your app. As for updating files i think rails updates only the files you have changed. When I upload to github it only make changes to files I have changed. Hope that helps if not there should be a more experience answer coming soon.

Re: I'm still uninformed and don't understand deployment

Thanks coletrain.  I've just not got to that point yet.

Are you saying that you deploy from github and not from my local computer?  If so, that turns on a lightbulb in my head.  It would make it easier if that's the case.

Re: I'm still uninformed and don't understand deployment

Yes I usually deploy to github first then to the actual server that way If something is not right I can pull my files from github, fix errors then push it back to github and then finally to the live server.

Re: I'm still uninformed and don't understand deployment

Thanks.  That's interesting and breaks on of my misconceptions.