Topic: Javascript_include_tag issue

Hello Rubyians,

I have some javascript files inside deep nested directories. So, to
include them all: i am doing like <%= javascript_include_tag :all,
:recursive => true %>. But at the same time, i do not want one file (say
abc.js) to be included into the page.

So, do we have any option/parameter to it which can help me out? Or may
be you guys can suggest me some easy way to do it instead of fetching
file one by one.

Thanks a lot in advance.
- Hemant Bhargava

Re: Javascript_include_tag issue

Do YOU control the hierarchy of the JavaScript  files?

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Re: Javascript_include_tag issue

Hello, I am also having this problem. While on development, my javascript_include tags are working fine. Once I move into production and compile my assets, my javascript_include tags are being ignored. This was working fine before sprockets 2.0.
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