Topic: Installation of JQuery failed help

I have tried to install JQuery

I have all the scripts under "public/javascripts" and I also added gem 'jquery-rails' into gem file. but when I type in bundle install or gem install 'jquery-rails' it displays an error 'could not find a valid gem 'jquery-rails' ()= 0 ) in any repository. I also tried to specify the gem like gem 'jquery-rails', '>= 0.2.7' but it didn't work.

Please help

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Re: Installation of JQuery failed help

What version of Rails are you using?
Rails 3.1 uses jQuery by default

Your Gemfile declaration should simply be

gem 'jquery-rails'

Which is what you say you had.
Make sure you are running ruby 1.9.2 at least and Rails 3.x

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