Topic: Paperclip does not save attachments

Hi,I have created a User model, and I am now trying to give the user the ability to add a profile picture, using Paperclip. From my user show page, a user can click on a link to open an 'edit' page, from which he can see a form to browse and choose an image to upload. When clicking on the button, it calls the 'update' action and redirect to the user show page, but the image is not saved in any folder, and the image attributes (filename, contenttype, filesize) are still set to NIL in the database.I have installed and tested ImageMagick I have added the :multipart => true in the form I have put attr_accessible :avatar I have set the paperclip options to look for '/usr/bin/' where convert is located I have run the migration -in the controller, my update action is:def update   @user = User.find(params[:id])  @title =

Re: Paperclip does not save attachments

Can you post your model code.

Re: Paperclip does not save attachments

Thanks for answering ! I just found what was the bug yesterday ...

I had implemented a login/password module, that prevented a user for editing his profile, without entering again his password. So, editing the user and clicking upload was simply doing nothing, as without the password field, my app couldn't modify any of the user's attributes.

Of course, I had no error messages related to password, and I just took 6 days to figure that that was the issue :-) /... but very part-time and also I am brand new Ruby user ;-) ...

Thanks again, and have a great night !