Topic: Namespaces or prefixes for controllers

Hello fellas!
I have two Devise models (Doctor and Patient) in my app. And i have two different sets of controllers for each one. At the moment i just prefixing each controller like this: PatientRegistrationsController, DoctorRegistrationsController etc. But now i'm thinking about using namespaces for better app organization and structure.
Help me deciding which strategy i should use with my controllers - namespaces or prefixing names. Is where any gotchas with namespaces?

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Re: Namespaces or prefixes for controllers

There are no gotchas with namespaces other than to remeber to update any urls/locations.

Check this link out. It's an old post but I still use it and it's just as valid for Rails 3.x
Be sure to read the comments especially mine (Jamesw) with regards to the delete method and the location … caffolding

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