Topic: Alert message with 3 button

When you click [x] the close button, will show the alert with 3 button like below picture:

Show dialog message
Do you want to save changes?
All details will be lost if you don't save them.
                 Dont' save | cancel | save

I am using jquery colorbox, the code as below:

<a class='inline' href="#inline_content">[X]</a>
  <div style='display:none'>
    <div id='inline_content' style='padding:10px; background:#fff;'>

      <b>Do you want to save changes?</b>
      All details will be lost if you don't save them.
      <%= link_to "Don't Save", main_screen_main_path %> |
      <a href="javascript:parent.$.colorbox.close()">cancel</a> |
      <%= submit_tag "save" %>


    $(".inline").colorbox({inline:true, width:"500"});

When I click "Save" button, it does't works...
What code should I write like :onsubmit => ?? ?
(I am weak for javascript)..


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Re: Alert message with 3 button

What should the "Save" button do? It won't do anything unless it's in a form or you tie javascript to it.

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