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Please bear with me because I am umber noob.  I need some clarification to help me with the install process.  I copied the info below from the forum HOWTO: Set up Ruby on Rails in Windows

Here's a quick Howto on setting up Ruby on Rails for Windows.

1. Go to RubyForge and download the latest version of the Ruby one-click Installer for Windows. Install it by running the setup program. I recommend installing it to c:\ruby
2. Download and install RubyGems.
3. When Ruby and RubyGems have both been set up, run this in a terminal/command prompt window to install Ruby on Rails and all its dependencies:

I need help with number 3.  How do I install RubyGems without and exe file or what does install it mean and how do i do it?

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Re: Installing

Download RailsInstaller:

It will install Ruby, Rails, and everything in between. It's a super quick way to get setup, and there's even a video tutorial!

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