Topic: Help - Rails Installer forgot to mention ...

I started to install Ruby on Rails on my PC (don't worry I am saving for a MAC!)

I downloaded and installed it using this one stop shop program called Rails Installer

All was going fine but 2:34 seconds into the install video ( the the narrator said to open a new command promp and open the application in a text editor. He recommended redcar but failed to say how to install it. This meant I couldn't continue with the installation video as I don't have a text editor!

I asked a friend and he (being a great coder) said I should install NetBeans IDE 7.1, which I did and that looks great too.

… so far all good …

However, now I go back to the Rails Installer video ( and have noidea where to start. I mean, I am a complete novice. How do I open my half set up version of Ruby on Rails? What do I type to connect it to NetBeanz ..

Please help.