Topic: LDAP Authentication

Well, I'm looking into a good way to integrate my Rails apps with nss/pam_ldap, and later Radius/Kerberos.  Apparently you can use a MySQL backend to LDAP, but I'm not sure if that's the best idea (plus, I haven't been able to find many details on how to do this).  Anyone have any other thoughts?  I was thinking have the LDAP directory, then a user table with just user_id - authenticate the user, get the UID, and then look up the UID in the database.  The database would contain any web-specific configurations, etc.  Or is there a way to integrate ActiveRecord and LDAP that I don't know about?

Ideas anyone??


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Re: LDAP Authentication

Hmm, after another round of googling just now, it appears that there is a bunch of information out there on this.  Must have been REALLY tired when I searched before.

I'm gonna read up more - if anyone has any ideas/experience, let me know.