Topic: Windows App to Linux Apache Server

I'm a rails newbie.  I have a stupid question.  Our app was built on a Windows machine.  The app was stored on a local server.  We tried to put the app onto our Linux Apache Server. 

We're getting an error that says our document root does not exist.  But the file does exist. 

Is it a conversion problem (windows to linux)?  Is there a way to convert? 

Anyone have any thoughts?  Any help, suggestions, tutorials, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Windows App to Linux Apache Server

Are you using Passenger with Apache.  Using Passenger with a virtual host for your app is the ticket.  In the site definition you will define the document root which is defined the same way in Linux as in Windows.  There is really no conversion problem.  I run an app interchangably on Windows and Linux with no problems.