Topic: Redirecting a domain instantly?

I'm pulling my hair out here.
I am miograting a Rails app from Heroku to Linode and I have a problem with redirecting my heroku domain to the same app on a new domain on linode.

Heroku doesn't allow me to change any rewrite rules so I am left with having to use Rails code to achieve this.

A domain name transfer would not be an option because
1) The new linode app is a new domain name
2) If the above were not the case and I just had to transfer the domain from heroku to linode it would not be an instant update and that's what I need.

So I tried adding a before filter to my application controller which works great for GET requests
The problem is that using a before filter in my application controller I can issue a redirect to the new domain but that will only redirect get requests. How would I go about sending ALL requests (PUT POST etc...) to my new domain using only rails?

It seems to me that I could/should be able to use a route to do this but I don't know enough about routes to achieve what I need.

My users access my site through a mobile phone app that issues json put and post requests and that is the reason why a redirect in the application controller doesn't work for my specific requirements.

Cheers for any help on this

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