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Hi! I`m looking for some tool to help me in what i need.
I have my web design and my webapp (written in RoR ) and i would like to convert my web design + data comming from my webapp into pdf by using a template for web design (or something like previous pdf or anything a designer could make) and easy layout for my data coming from server. What would you recomend me? i have already checked prawn but i have to deal with the layout on RoR... is there anything better?

Re: Pdf toolkit?

pdftk is a pdf manipulation toolkit,   you could design a pdf in Acrobat with form fields, and use pdftk to replace form fields with data from your rails app.

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Re: Pdf toolkit?

Thanks! Finally im gonna use JasperReports and ill adapt it for Ruby!

Re: Pdf toolkit?

Hmmm, Japserreports is a java-based library, I wonder how could you

convert my web design + data coming from my webapp into pdf

may be with jRuby it will be possible...
You can also try iReport GUI tool to model you report by drag-and-drop elements, - you will end up with an XML file generated behind the scenes and you should pass it to a java class.
For some 'rubish' solutions, you can take a look at the following gems/plugins, - sorry if some of them are already outdated: … df-plugin/ … index.html

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