Topic: Webserver problem

Whenever I try to run a webserver, it says port 3000 is taken

dnlwng@ubuntu:~$ cd work
dnlwng@ubuntu:~/work$ cd depot
dnlwng@ubuntu:~/work/depot$ passenger start
*** ERROR ***
The address is already in use by another process, perhaps another
Phusion Passenger Standalone instance.

If you want to run this Phusion Passenger Standalone instance on another port,
use the -p option, like this:

  passenger start -p 3001

But when I try to stop one
dnlwng@ubuntu:~/work/depot$ passenger stop
According to the PID file '/home/dnlwng/work/depot/tmp/pids/', Phusion Passenger Standalone doesn't seem to be running.

If you know that Phusion Passenger Standalone *is* running then one of these
might be the cause of this error:

* The Phusion Passenger Standalone instance that you want to stop isn't running
   on port 3000, but on another port. If this is the case then you
   should specify the right port with --port.
   If the instance is listening on a Unix socket file instead of a TCP port,
   then please specify the PID file's filename with --pid-file.
* The instance that you want to stop has stored its PID file in a non-standard
   location. In this case please specify the right PID file with --pid-file.

This message is shown

I have no other terminals running, so I have no idea what is happening

Re: Webserver problem

oh yeah, when i go to
i see this

404 Not Found

Im on Linux Ubuntu By the way