Topic: how long does it take?

I was given a project as a part of an interviewing process for job. I'm asking here because it requires testing (I do Cucumber/rspec/unit testing)

The project already has basic user authentication and the first page, but nothing else. But it requires testing for the authentication as well.

How long does it take to implement the following project?
Implement an online store with 2 types of users:

1. Customer: logs in and sees a page with products, each includes name and price. They select any number of those products and add them to the shopping cart. They go to their shopping cart and are able to check out unless there is 0 items in the cart. No credit card processing required, but the order should be saved. After that, they go back to the product page, now it contains a link to their order status. After they click on this link, they see a summary of their orders.

2. Admin: logs in and sees a link to the store statistics. After they click on this link, they see a table of all the products sold, including total counts and total money. They are able to sort the statistics chart by any of the columns.

It should include testing, validation (if specified?), efficient queries and usable interface.

I have my own estimate and how long they give to me, but would be curious what other people think of it.

Thanks beforehand!

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Re: how long does it take?

No developers here?

If anybody thinks I'm trying to get a free quote, it's REALLY a coding assignment and I'm trying to understand if those guys are insane  . My own estimate, it would take about a weekend. They give me 3 hours, by clock, or 20 minutes per a feature (working). I was supposed to do it today, but canceled. Forgot to mention, the position description doesn't require experience in RoR and TDD, and the assignment comes with instructions "starting with RoR". Any beginner here can tell me how long it would take them to implement it?

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Re: how long does it take?

Hello, whiterabbit,

I am a beginner with Ruby and RoR who has some programming experience in other languages.  I feel that your estimate of a weekend is reasonable, and I think that 3 hours total or 20 min per feature is pretty daunting and personally impossible for me as a beginner.

Maybe the company really is just looking for that genius prodigy who's in the 99th percentile of all Ruby, RoR and BDD developers.  In any case, good luck with your interview and job search!