Topic: What do you use to prettify your code ?

Hi all,

I always do my best to write good looking code but I'm not always successfull.  I'd like to know which (free) tool you are using to prettify your code (views, controller, etc) ?

On Mac, I found Aptana which does it but I'm wondering if there is something else that would be faster and maybe even better.

Thanks !

Re: What do you use to prettify your code ?

I used Aptana for a while when I developed on a Windows box,  It was pretty good,  but then I got a Mac,  and bit the bullet and paid $50 for TextMate editor.  which I love.

To be perfectly honest, I've never really used the prettify feature of Aptana (or maybe is was the refactor feature???),  I played with it a few times, (this was three years ago),  and I remember NOT liking what happened.

But if you've got $50 to spend,  there are a variety of prettifying  and refactoring add ons for TextMate (they're called bundles).  They are free.  TextMate out of the box,  without adding any third party bundles,  does a damn good job of helping you keep your code nice and pretty.  Like Aptana, it's aware of ruby syntax and Rails syntax, and applies colors, auto indents, etc.,  but does a much better job than Aptana did.

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Re: What do you use to prettify your code ?

Interesting.  I already use Textmate and wasn't aware there were ways to prettify code with it.  This is the only reason I use Aptana once in a while.

I'll have a look. Thanks