Topic: Response Time, how to get more info?

Just started experiencing some super slow resopnse times on my Rails App in production / live site.
Im trying to diagnose the problem looking at the Logs

as you can see, the response in question takes about a minute but the view + db are all quick.
How do i find the bottleneck?
this action is sending an email...

Completed in 60270ms (View: 11, DB: 175) | 200 OK


Re: Response Time, how to get more info?

Ahh fond memories...

I had a similar problem once. 

First question to ask is what smtp server are you using?

My smtp server set a daily threshold on how many smtp requests they'll handle in any one day.  In my case delivery would just STOP

Other smtp servers may try and detect a spammer and try and discourage them by delaying the delivery if they start seeing large amounts of email being sent.

I also had a case once where they were very slow,  and I futzed around with a way to investigate,  but by the time I fired up my server with some debugging,  the slowness was gone,  it was probably some issue with their servers getting busy,  or a server crash or some maintenance or something.

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Re: Response Time, how to get more info?

Thx for the tip.. as far as SMTP servers.. its the same server as the app.. im not sure of the limits but im going to take a look now. thanks for the tip!