Topic: help me Installing Windows 7 with USB

I'm trying to copy my windows 7 ISO file to a USB stick to be able to boot the system with it.
However, don't know why, disk utility comes up with an error message and doesn't allow me to restore the ISO into the USB disk ( I did the same operation for Lion ISO and it was completed without any problem).
Searched on the web a little and found out that Bootcamp does this as well. However my old 17" Core2Duo Imac is not supported by that bootcamp version to do that. So, I found another way to make it support my imac by changing some .plist files. This time that option for creating a bootable disk  is appeared however in the middle of the operation it showed an error message and refused to create it.
Then I formatted the disk as HFS journaled and copied everything in the Windows ISO file into the usb disk manually. But this time bootcamp expect me to insert a DVD.
So, now is there a way to get it working ?

Re: help me Installing Windows 7 with USB

use computer with installed windows, format your USB stick with FAT32 file system, unpack ISO to the stick(using ultraiso, winrar or something like that), then run cmd and type:
cd boot
bootsect.exe /nt60 D: /force /mbr

where D: is USB stick