Topic: Problems with extra Javascript ajax() parameters to my select function

Since I last posted I have made some progress on trying to get Rails, jQuery to play nicely.  As I said before, I have a analysis tool drop-down box that lets a user select an analysis tool.  Depending on the tool selected various bug information will be displayed in a list.  This is my select statement as well as the "div" that I want to change.

   <div class="analysistool" id="analysistool">
    <%= f.label "Analysis Tool" %><br />
                  options_from_collection_for_select(Analysistool.all, :id, :name,f.object.analysistool.try(:id)), 
                  :onChange => "../reportviews.js();" ) %><br /> 

  <div class="fieldlist" id="buglist">   // this is the div I want to change
         <%= render(Buginfo.where(:analysistool_id =>@reportview.analysistool_id)) %>

With the help of Firebug I have now been successful calling reportviews.js().    Here it is:

           // Grab the id of the selected analysis tool and temporarily display it.
             var id = $("#reportview_analysistool_id").val()
             type: "POST",
             url: "/reportviews/update_buginfo_select",
           data:  ({
               id : id
             success: function(result)


In my reportviews controller I wrote a function to render my partial.  The params[:id] should be from the javascript above

  def update_buginfo_select
     @buginfos = Buginfo.where(:id => params[:reportview][:buginfo_ids] , :analysistool_id =>params[:id])
    render :partial => "buginfos", :locals => {:buginfos => @buginfos}

I also edited the routes.rb file and added:

    post 'reportviews/update_buginfo_select:id' => 'reportviews#update_buginfo_select'

I'm getting this error: ""NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://localhost:3000/reportviews/update_buginfo_select?id=1&_=1334950051949"

The first parameter of 1 seems correct, but I'm not sure what the second parameter is
Any guidance would be deeply appreciated since I'm currently stuck.


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