Topic: Is Rails right for my project?

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I am absolutly new to the world of scripting and have only done a couple of tiny projects for my college class in marketing. After reading the book Rework where I had learned of Ruby on Rails I was intrigued, with that said I have a project I want to bring to life possibly utilizing rails. My developers have no time to work with me so I am forced to learn on my own and breath life into this project. What I would like to do is build this site that will take advantage of HTML5 since video will be a big part of the site. So basically what I am asking if I were to build a site similar to youtube, is rails the way to go?

Looking forward to anyone's feedback, thank you in advance

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Al Skyy

Re: Is Rails right for my project?

I would say that if you are new to building web applications and you are looking to build something like youtube, then Rails is a good way to go.

An alternative would be to use a content management system, such as Drupal, and try to customize it to fit your needs.

However I've found that trying to customize a content management system can be alot of work unless you want something pretty close to a blogging site.

I think of Rails as a nice midpoint between using a CMS and just coding everything from scratch, e.g., using php. Rails provides a nice framework that makes it easy to understand how to organize the different parts of your application. Rails also simplifies the interaction with your database. You can use objects and methods to work with your database instead of trying to learn SQL (although some SQL knowledge is helpful).

A good place to start is the free online tutorial by Michael Hartl here: … orial-book

It walks you through the process of installing Ruby and Rails, as well as creating and deploying a web application complete with basic user authentication.  Also check out for alot of great Rails videos.  I've learned alot just from those two resources.