Topic: DB Modeling Book Recommendation

I have been working closely with Rails for almost a year. I can create fairly complex Rails applications but I still consider my understanding on DB modeling could be improved. I can create simple associations but I would like to dig in deeper, I don't want to just know the surface, I want to really know this stuff. For example, Single Table Inheritance and more detailed theory behind Object Oriented Database Modeling.

So I have been searching on Amazon for a good book. Seems there is no Rails-specific book about it. Is there any good Data Modeling book you would recommend for a Rails programmer?

Re: DB Modeling Book Recommendation

I can side with you on this. I was in the same situation, there is a lot more to database design than what you think. Anyone can create a DB, but not everyone can create one efficiently.

I bought "Database Modeling and Design" by Toby Teorey and found it to be filled with a ton of information, and laid out in a way that I can understand and apply it to various applications. Let me know what you think

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