Topic: How to refresh a partial from a controller

Hi Everyone
I have a search popup (a div in another page) with criteria for use in a search.

I can pop the popup up, do the search, but can't figure out how to display the results in another div inside the popup div

Googling such things I came up with something like this in the controller respond_to :

format.js { render :partial=>'shared/at_index_table', 
:locals=>{:assistant_teachers => @assistant_teachers}, 
:content_type => 'text/html', :update =>"#atSearchResultsDiv"  } 

But it seems that at least some of these params are deprecated. Anyway, I can't get the table with data that I would like in the atSearchResultsDiv.  It runs with no errors but no data appears either.  Can someone let me know how to do this?

Many thanks