Topic: Heroku Completely Destroying Site

App looks perfect on local machine. Once it is pushed to Heroku, the app appears completely different for different users. For some users the app appears perfect, for others it appears completely messed up beyond recognition. The problems are not browser, OS or device specific. As well, the appearance of the app changes every few hours, and the changes appear to be completely random. Seems to be a Heroku error, but we can't figure anything out. Any ideas out there?

Re: Heroku Completely Destroying Site

Hard to say without further info.

Try heroku logs and see if the logs reveal anything.

You may also want to try the New Relic free addon and see if any errors are showing up.

Re: Heroku Completely Destroying Site

What is changing exactly? This smacks of css loading failures. Have you sorted out the asset pipeline?

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