Topic: Getting model columns


I am writing a RoR application that connects to a couchDB database using couchrest_model.

The definition of my model is the following one:

class BdsDataAuthor < CouchRest::Model::Base
  property :id, Integer
  property :first_name, String
  property :last_name, String

I would like to be able to get the list of the model columns, e.g., the result of
BdsDataAuthor.columns would be [id, first_name, last_name]

Is it possible? I saw that active_record provides this kind of method (column_names), but since I am not using active_record...

A solution that I tried is to create a method in the model class (it works but its not the "best" solution...):

def getColumns
   columns =
   columns << "id"
   columns << "first_name"
   columns << "last_name"

Any idea/suggestion to solve this problem?

Thank you