Topic: Deploying on Apache with Parallels Confixx

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to get the Rails-based BrowserCMS running on a new virtual host on an Apache server.
Unfortunately, the original webmaster set up a web-interface based configuration tool called Confixx (I don't know how widespread it is). Since there are already a number of domains and virtual hosts run by this tool, I can't really just uninstall it (also I think, he would be mad). But now I'm at a loss as to how I have to configure the server to set up e.g. Apache Passenger (or some other solution, if that works). I googled around and it seems that some webhosters using this tool provide a Ruby on Rails option, so it should be possible in theory without too much hassle. Just ignoring the tool and editing the apache2.conf doesn't seem to help, probably the tool is overwriting options or whatever.

Maybe somebody knows this - or a similar - tool and could help me find out how to proceed? I'll gladly provide more details, but as I'm yet somewhat overwhelmed (I'm by no means an Apache guru), I don't know yet what to include. I have full admin rights both for the server itself (and all apache config files) and the confixx tool.

Thanks everyone!

edit: In case the tool is too stupid, is it maybe possible to just circumvent it for one particular vhost without disabling it entirely?

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Re: Deploying on Apache with Parallels Confixx

Nevermind, I think I got it. I just needed to include all the necessary directives manually AFTER the confixx tool's configuration files had been loaded.
Now I seem to be able to run rails, although I get an error message. But at least no strict deployment issue anymore.