Topic: Are people using Foreigner/Immigrant for foreign keys?

I am coming from MS-SS/MVC/EF land, and have always been generated, and are required for code-first.  Also the shop that I use EF at: the DBA's would never allow a DB without FK's. So I am not used to not having them generated.

I was surprised to see Rails does not generate them out of the box. I have been looking at the foreigner and immigrant gems, and am about to start using them.  But I am wondering if I am just creating a headache for myself by adding friction to the development process.

Are most people just not using FK's? If you are using FK's how are you creating them.

(Not trying to start a holy war here, but new to the scene, and wondering how RoR people feel about this in 2012).
(EF=Entity Framework=>MS's Active Record, MS-SS=MS-SQL-Server, MVC=MS's RoR clone)

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