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I am newbee in ruby on rails.I have my task to generate a login system.But i dont know how to model the system.please help me.

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Hey talhait07,

More details about what you're wanting to do would help a ton. No one can help you if you don't explain what you're trying to do.

I suggest you start out with Ryan Bate's episode on "Authentication from Scratch". It a video that takes you through building an authentication(login) system from start to finish and I used it when I was first learning, not only to learn about authentication, but to learn many of the basic concepts you need to know when working with rails. … om+scratch

If you signup for a subscription at railscasts for $9 a month, you can access the pro and revised episodes as well. I'm not part of railscasts or anything, they're just that good.

Also, after you go through that lesson, I suggest you go with an authentication gem for a production project, at least until you're better at development. I use Devise and it does everything I need and more.

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Re: modeling of a login system

basically, you can use a gems named "devise"

it helps you generate login system, but you can customize it on your own way by overriding its methods.

Re: modeling of a login system

My vote is for Devise as well.

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Re: modeling of a login system

I currently use Omniauth-identity (along with several other Omniauth strategies), not because I have anything against Devise, I just haven't used it.  Authlogic used to be a good option, but it seems to have fallen out of development.  At any rate, the first response is correct, unless you are really wanting to dig into login functionality.  Spend your time on what is going to make your app unique and useful otherwise.  The developers behind Devise and Omniauth, etc. have put a lot of energy into their work.  Enjoy it.

Re: modeling of a login system

Can someone provides code on how to overriding for generating login system?

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